Weekend of 9/10 Tarot/Moon Transit Forecast

First let me say what a pleasure it is to rejoin you after a long and difficult period finding a new abode and getting moved. I learned a lot about Fate (and myself!) and listening/watching for synchronicity … the merciful clues given to us from beloved spirits to guide our way. I was meeting resistance at every turn when I was willful! Being a witch with all the tools at my disposal to create/manifest in my world sometimes comes into conflict with what is clearly the Fates at work , showing me what is best in the long run.  All that being said, I couldn’t have imagined or created a more perfect situation for myself, and I am feeling blessed beyond my most impossible dreams. 

Anyway, without further adieu, here is your tarot/moon forecast for this upcoming weekend. 

The Moon

First we are going to experiencing the Moon transiting between two very willful signs, Aries and Taurus!  And our cards bear this out. 

The Cards

Nine of Swords takes center stage, flanked by Five of Cups and Knight of Cups. A cautionary Six of Pentacles comes from the bottom of the deck to balance out this scenario. 

Perhaps you are worrying too much about a recent emotional impasse in a friendship or intimate relationship. We are, after all, coming off the wave of a Pisces Full Moon, a Harvest Moon. It’s a time of taking stock. But before we begin to make decisions based on petty conflicts, bear in mind that we are also still in a Neptune retrograde which will last through November. Deep waters amplify our emotions and can sometimes distort our perspective!

Our Knight of Cups encourages us to take a slower, steady gait with our loved ones, appealing to our mutual senses to what is fair and balanced. Some give and take, illustrated by our Six of Pentacles, is going to take us through this tumultuous weekend. 

The Moon is gibbous, but it is waning. Let old dogs lie. 


Tarot/Moon Transit Perspectives – Solar Eclipse 

I thought I’d unpack my box of tarot cards to give my followers a bit of tarot/moon transit perspective on the significant solar eclipse event of this month. Whether or not you’re in the viewing path of the eclipse the energies of this astronomical/astrological will be felt by the whole planet! 🌏 
The Moon: the moon spends its last day in expansive, proud and generous Leo before it moves into detail oriented Virgo. Significantly also the Sun also spends its last day in Leo and also moves into Virgo. 
The Cards: center stage is occupied by fertile, nurturing Empress. She is flanked by victory-celebrating, recognition-receiving Six of Wands to her left and the endings and transformation-signaling Death card. From the bottom of the deck we have the innocent, optimistic Fool, ready for new beginnings!!
So many people are anxious about the eclipse, and for good reason. This one is an event that marks a dramatic ending, portrayed dramatically in the theatre of the sky in a couple of days as our warm and glorious Sun is blotted out by our Moon. She’ll take her final bow, and return transformed. 
I find it significant that our Empress makes this appearance with the Six of Wands to her left. She seems to urge us to celebrate this event with acts of generosity, celebrate our personal victories by giving ourselves a pat on the back for all that we’ve accomplished in the sunny days of this Summer Solstice season. 

Don’t be anxious about that Death card. Experience this eclipse to the depths of your personal shadows.  Take your cue from nature. 

Whenever there is a total eclipse of the sun, Nature seems to hold its collective breath. This abrupt shadow at a time when it ought to be daylight causes pause, in everything. The flowers close up, the birds stop singing, there is an odd foreboding twilight … and silence.  Take this calm moment to accept endings. Make a personal list of things that are drawing to a close in your personal realm and contemplate them during this sacred silence. Then, as the sun’s warmth returns, awaken with the hope, optimism and anticipation of a personal transformation. 
Soon a new season of harvest will be upon us with the coming of the Autumn Equinox. Take this time to anticipate change and enter this period as The Fool, with a fresh outlook. 

Tarot/Moon Transit Forecast for July 10-14, 2017

Hello fellow seekers and lovers of the moon!  Here is your tarot/moon transit forecast for the upcoming week!

The Moon:  beginning its pull away from that gloriously abundant, albeit intense, Capricorn Full Moon, to waning gibbous in analytical Aquarius. The last part of the week will end in last quarter moon in intuitive Pisces. 

The Cards:  the deck I’m using for this spread is the Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini (of course, what with the Aquarian Moon energies).  The Judgment card takes center stage!  Are you ready for a big change?  You’ll be considering one at least, as I’ve never seen this card show up without an announcement or epiphany arriving in the midst. 

This could feel unsettling!  That Two of Swords indicates you may feel not equal to the task of positioning yourself for change. But the Six of Swords reminds us you might as well go ahead and explore the possibility.  The Aquarius moon energy, though waning, is still in a gibbous phase, which means plenty of decision-making, analytical hutzpah in the moonlight to help you meet the challenge. 

As the week comes to an end, Pisces will grace us with its intuition powers in the last part of this gibbous phase. And not by chance the High Priestess is here to remind us that the veil to your subconscious is thin. Pay attention to nudges of intuition and to your dream state for clarity!

With sharp wits and intuition from this Aquarius/Piscean Moon energy this week, you’re sure to make the right decisions in the face of change. 

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Tarot/Full Moon Weekend, July 8-9, 2017

This weekend’s full moon is called the Thunder Moon, classically heralding the abundance of your labors manifesting, looking to the first harvest.  What better position for this Moon than ambitious, wealth-seeking Capricorn!  

The Cards:  The Fool, flanked by The Moon and Seven of Pentacles. The shadow card is The Emperor. 

I couldn’t have hand picked better cards if I tried for a Full Moon, in Capricorn, and just prior to the celebration of first harvest or Lughnasadh.  The Fool is an enlivening influence in this spread.  It portends a tendency to throw caution to the wind in our celebration of our first fruits (Seven of Pentacles), but The Moon and The Emperor both stand at our sides to remind us not to count our chickens before they hatch and to keep charge oc matters at hand until the resukts of ongoing projects are fully realuzed. Perhaps we might do best to rein in our impulse to spend beyond our means or extend ourselves beyond our endurance. Don’t let this dampen the optimistic energies of The Fool, however. Push ahead on those projects in the yard, around the house or at work. Soon the fruits of your labors will fill the baskets to overflowing!

Tarot/Moon Transit Forecast, July 3-7, 2017

Week AheadHello!  Here is your tarot/moon transit forecast for your upcoming week  We have some possibly impulse-driven, forward-moving and expansion energy happening, both in the cards and the lunar energies!

The Moon:  The first two days of the week the waxing gibbous moon will be in sharply intuitive, intense, philosophical Scorpio.  Wednesday the waxing gibbous moon will transit into Sagittarius, where it will stay until Friday, the day before the full moon.

The Cards:  Center stage is occupied by The Chariot, flanked by the Eight and Five of Pentacles.  The shadow card from the bottom of the deck is our sentimental Six of Cups.

Let’s look at that Chariot. With what’s going on with the Sun in Cancer and the first part of the week with lunar Scorpio energies, and the waxing, expansive gibbous moon energies in forward thinking Sagittarius, I’m thinking this card indicates an impulse to create change. If that’s your inclination this week, steady your horses. Our Eight of Pentacles might be signaling us to keep our noses to the grindstone, and that Five of Pentacles seems to warn us that any impulsive moves might be financially detrimental for the long-haul. 

Make good use of that watery Scorpio lunar energy and the Cancer sun and think with your heart. It doesn’t hurt to wax a little sentimental. Our Six of Cups reminds us of precisely this. Take a step back and look at where you’ve been. Look at all the goodthat has come out of your early years, the values you’ve learned, the value of sticking with what’s proven reliable. 

Stay tuned for what this means when we come up on our Full Moon weekend!!


Tarot/Moon Transit Forecast, June 25-30, 2017

Hello spiritual seekers and lovers of the Moon! Here is your Tarot/Moon Transit reading for the week of June 25-30, 2017.

The Moon: Void in Cancer through Sunday and Monday, Waxing Crescent in Leo on Tuesday and Wednesday and rounding out the week with the First Quarter in Virgo.

The Cards: (For this spread I am using Norbert Losch’s Cosmic Tarot!)

In the middle we have the ready-for-action, sometimes impetuous Prince (or Knight) of Wands, flanked to the left and right by the steady and ready-to-work Prince (or Knight) of Pentacles and the Justice card, with Three of Cups from the Shadow (bottom of the deck). What does all this mean?

Our Prince of Wands speaks well to the optimistic waxing crescent energy in fiery Leo. We may be feeling proud and bold, ready to move forward with our manifestation list.

The energy of a first quarter moon later in the week may come with challenges and change. Our Prince of Pentacles tells us not so fast!  Hold your horses there Prince of Wands.  Steady is the name of the game. Let’s wait to see what hatches and keep things organized. Yes, that Virgo moon energy will put a damper on those sometimes overly confident Leo energies.

And here we have the Justice card reappearing!  Folks, this is worth noting, because I’m using a different deck from your last reading. No shuffling latencies to account for this. WoW!  Lady Justice wants you to stay mindful of balance.  How cool is that?  (Maybe it’s because the moon enters a waxing phase in Libra [the correspondent of Justice] on Saturday!) **

Now don’t let this throw dirt on your Leo waxing crescent early in the week.  Justice is a mindfulness reminder.  Take a look at all sides before diving into those projects you planned during the New Moon. Earthy Prince of Pentacles is slow and steady, and let’s remember the turtle (another earth archetype) and the old adage that slow and steady wins the race!

Our shadow card, Three of Cups, is here to remind us of the importance of friendships and community. Don’t get so caught up in your own plans that you neglect others. Maybe this weekend it’s a good plan to invite some friends and/or family to gather for a barbecue, or check into what’s going on in your community and show up!

We’ll revisit this for your Weekend Tarot/Moon Transit reading. Stay tuned! 👍🏻)

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June 2017 New Moon in Cancer. 

Hello loves! Here is your bit of tarot enlightenment in this deep, watery Cancer New Moon! 

The Cards: Queen of Cups, flanked by Three of Swords and Prince (Knight) of Cups. Our shadow card is Justice. (I’m using Nemo’s Book of Azathoth Tarot deck for this spread.)

New Moons are about going deep within our emotional psyches to plan this new lunar cycle. What better theme for this Cancer New Moon then, than emotion, emotional self care, balancing friendships, and intimate partners. This New Moon, a Super New Moon to boot, has profound implications for this upcoming lunar cycle.  

Recall from recent readings (see my Instagram posts) where we talk about this Neptune retrograde, that physical self care is very important. This spread underscores the equal importance of emotional self care, which makes sense given the deep, watery influence of Neptune (through November, folks!), the watery Cancer New Moon, and our Cups court cards in this featured tarot spread . 

The Queen and Knight of Cups seem to have their own approaches to emotional self care (facing away from one another). And that Three of Swords seems to carry a warning of what’s to come if emotional self-nurturing gets in the way of the other’s needs!

Now here’s what’s interesting about this spread. The astrological correspondent to that Three of Swords is Libra. Our shadow card for this spread is no other than Justice, whose zodiacal correspondent is also Libra!  And these two cards sit on the ends of this spread like plates on a scale!

Balance is key. 

We are being asked to consider the effect of this watery Neptune retrograde will have on our emotional state, to look after ourselves, but balance our own needs with the people who are most significant to us, or face emotionally injuring a significant friendship, family member or love interest.  

So, my friends, our challenges for this Moon cycle are:

  • Don’t let the emotional and intuitive turbo boost of the Neptune retrograde get the best of us. 
  • Look our after ourselves, physically and emotionally. 
  • Take the time for emotional distance and self nurturing, but not at the potentially harmful expense of those we love. Check in now and then with little gestures that communicate you care.  
  • Allow all your loves their emotional space as well. 
  • Make goals of an emotional nature this lunar cycle. How can you devote quality to the people closest to you?

Show you and yours some TLC. 

IChing:  my methods

I’ve been asked about my method for extracting Kua, or hexagrams, from the IChing. I’ve provided here a brief explanation of not only the method but my primary reason for using  this method. 

I use yarrow stalks. At first it was simply to engage in what I saw as the purest, oldest method.  When I first undertook dividing and counting yarrow stalks to divine a kua I was nearly driven mad. When I learned the distributor of my yarrow stalks had included an extra one, my dilemma of accuracy was half over. 

Basically you begin with fifty yarrow stalks. You purify them in the cense of a sandalwood joss stick and then set one stalk aside as your “observer.”  You thank your observer for witnessing your rite of divination.   You then proceed with the operation of dividing the stalks while you hold your client’s questions or concerns in your mind and begin counting the stalks. There are 18 separate operations of purifying, dividing and counting, further making simple calculations to arrive at number values which ultimately determine the solid, broken and changing lines in a Kua, or hexagram.  

Why, you might ask, do I trouble with this obviously time-consuming method?  Because the entire time I am doing this there are some quite magical things taking place. I am connecting with the magical properties of yarrow.  I am connecting with the farmers who harvested the stalks with dedication and specific intent that they will be used for IChing, and I am placing myself in a transcendent state, enabling the oracle to operate as purely and unencumbered from interference as possible.  

Would I rather toss three coins six times to arrive at a Kua?  No, frankly. Now that I have experienced connecting with the oracle and the masters and sages by performing this trance-inducing task and have experienced the benefit for my clients, I can’t imagine doing it any other way. 

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