Tarot/Full Moon Weekend, July 8-9, 2017

This weekend’s full moon is called the Thunder Moon, classically heralding the abundance of your labors manifesting, looking to the first harvest.  What better position for this Moon than ambitious, wealth-seeking Capricorn!  

The Cards:  The Fool, flanked by The Moon and Seven of Pentacles. The shadow card is The Emperor. 

I couldn’t have hand picked better cards if I tried for a Full Moon, in Capricorn, and just prior to the celebration of first harvest or Lughnasadh.  The Fool is an enlivening influence in this spread.  It portends a tendency to throw caution to the wind in our celebration of our first fruits (Seven of Pentacles), but The Moon and The Emperor both stand at our sides to remind us not to count our chickens before they hatch and to keep charge oc matters at hand until the resukts of ongoing projects are fully realuzed. Perhaps we might do best to rein in our impulse to spend beyond our means or extend ourselves beyond our endurance. Don’t let this dampen the optimistic energies of The Fool, however. Push ahead on those projects in the yard, around the house or at work. Soon the fruits of your labors will fill the baskets to overflowing!


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