Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. By way of introduction, I am a witch in solitary practice with a particular passion for divination.  I follow the Greenwitch Path, which means to say I don’t let anything get in the way between me and the energies and entities of the earth.  I answer to no human hierarchy, only the spirits of nature and the gods and goddesses as they make themselves known to me.

My practice has as much structure as any coven-initiated witch.  I’ve done the work and study necessary to ensure I’m doing right by my brothers and sisters in the Craft, no matter their tradition or status.  Said another way, and frankly, in this day and age when the mysteries are less mysterious and great witches like Raymond Buckland, to name one of many, have opened the way to those who feel called and have the birthright, there’s no denying a seeker the right to practice this sacred path.

Now that my understanding has broadened I have come to realize I’ve been attuned to this practice since I was five years old when I was paying the woodland regular visits, leaving offerings of food and building altars and making sigils with twigs, flowers and stones.

In addition to divination, I commune with gods and goddesses by holding ritual and making offerings with the intent of protecting life on this sacred planet, and protecting and preserving the health and well-being of me and my family.  To that end I also call myself an Earthwitch, a protector and defender of all life, and I stop at nothing in my practice to carry out my intent.

Thanks again for your visit. I hope you find the content I offer informative and fulfilling. Respectful dialogue is welcome and encouraged. If you troll by judging or proselytizing, your words will find no audience here and will be deleted and your bane will be returned to you.



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